Coast Dental Oral Surgeon in Fort Stewart, Georgia

Coast Dental is a network of dental practices throughout California, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, and Texas providing high quality comprehensive dental care. Established in 1992, we have a strong reputation amongst patients and dentists throughout Florida and Georgia, and recently acquired SmileCare on the west coast and look forward to serving the needs of patients and dentists in California, Nevada, and Texas. We pride ourselves on attracting and hiring dentists that listen to their patients, address chief complaints and concerns, take care of their needs, and ensure they come back. We are now one the country’s largest dental support organizations, and our growth has been because of our understanding that dentists are our number one customer. This fundamental understanding is the reason more than 300 dentists choose to work with Coast!

I’m a Specialist: why Coast?

Your time is valuable and so are you. You don’t have to leave your current position to come work with us. Often we look for specialists that can work a few days per month with us. Rather than hire you full time, have you sit around ‘hoping’ you’ll be busy, we wait until we know we have the patient load, fill up a day, and then continue to add days as needed (rather than hope we grow into the days). Specialists can be assured that when they show up to practice, they’ll be busy. Plus, we offer a tremendous compensation structure and allow specialists to work as independent contractors. Work wherever you want, and work with us too!

Oral Surgeons get the benefit of working in a practice with a network of internal referrals and patients at their fingertips. Come in, do what you do best, and leave! We want oral surgeons who:

  • Have a passion for dentistry and enjoy working in a team environment

  • Address patients’ chief concern

  • Connect and build trust with every patient

  • Treat conditions, defects, injuries, and esthetic aspects of the mouth, teeth, jaws, and face

  • Examine patients to determine the nature of the condition affecting the patient

  • Perform removal of diseased and impacted teeth

  • Place implants used to replace missing teeth

  • Administer anesthesia services

  • Provide preventive dental services and education in oral and dental hygiene

  • Conduct work in compliance with office policies and procedures, safety, OSHA, and MSDS guidelines

  • Successful completion of a dental program (DMD or DDS) and Dental Board Examinations

  • Dental license or ability to obtain dental license

  • Certificate to practice oral surgery

  • Commitment to quality patient care and enjoy educating patients on dental health

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