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Quality Inspector Ammunition


FT Stewart, GA

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Job Title: Quality Inspector Ammunition

Location: Fort Stewart, GA and Hunter Army Airfield, GA

Reports to: PM

Position Summary

The primary purpose of the Quality Inspector is to perform duties as a Quality Inspector for the Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield Ammunition Supply Point (ASP).

Essential Functions

  • Per AR 385–10, Army commands (ACOMs), Army service component commands (ASCCs), direct reporting units (DRUs) and Contractors will develop, implement, and manage a written explosives safety management program (ESMP) as an element of their overall safety and occupational health program. In addition, units at and above the battalion level whose mission and functions involve AE will develop, implement, and manage a written ESMP as an element of their overall safety and occupational health program. The ESMPs will address the safety of AE during production, transportation, storage, handling, use, inspection, testing, maintenance, munition response actions, demilitarization, and disposal.

  • Compliance with DODD 6055.9E, DODI 6055.16, DODM 6055.09–M, AR 385–10, and DA Pam 385-64.

  • Review of and concurrence on memorandums of agreement (MOAs) concerning the storage or disposal of non-DOD hazardous materials on Army real estate, consistent with the requirements of Section 2692, Title 10, United States Code (10 USC 2692) and with any delegation of authority necessary under 10 USC 2692.

  • Integration of explosives safety into policy, procedures, and activities.

  • Notification, as required by applicable laws, regulations or international agreements to which the United States is party, of affected local U.S. and host nation government officials to ensure communication of the risk of operations involving AE. Communications with host nation government officials shall be made in coordination with the U.S. Embassy (if required).

  • Follow written explosives safety policy to implement AR 385–10 and this DA Pam 385-64 that outlines the responsibilities of all organizations, including installation and tenant activities with an explosives missions. As part of the ESMP, an MOA or policy that outlines the ESMP requirements and responsibilities of both the garrison or installation commander and tenants will be created.

  • Required explosives safety training.

  • Complete explosives safety surveys and inspections to determine compliance with AR 385–10 and this DA Pam (385-64).

  • Investigating and reporting accidents, incidents and mishaps involving AE, including submission of serious incident reports (SIR) and chemical event reports (CER) and documentation and dissemination of explosives safety lessons learned.

  • Contractor explosives safety requirements and oversight per their contract.

  • Fire prevention and protection.

Minimum Requirements

  • The Quality Inspector Ammunition will possess a combination of practical knowledge of the methods and techniques of instruction and practical knowledge and experience in the subject taught.

  • Practice excellent communication, organization and time management skills; must be reliable, efficient, and flexible. Communicate effectively and professionally with all customer (soldiers and civilian). Be committed to work as a team member for the benefit of the customer.

  • Be able to understand instructions furnished in written and verbal form. Be able to read and interpret documents and manuals (Army regulations and guidance, Federal and State regulations, etc.) and incorporate them into Quality Inspector Ammunition duties.

  • Must be able to sit, walk, climb, crawl, stoop, bend, squat, reach and stand for long periods of time.

  • Be able to work outside in inclement weather conditions when necessary.

  • Ensure that all tasks are performed safely and meet Government/Army standards when applicable.

  • Wearing safety items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) e.g. gloves, safety shoes, protective eyewear, hearing protection, and other items such as aprons or outerwear as appropriate.

  • Employee is required to maintain a valid state-issued Driver’s license and applicable Government/Army license.

  • Perform other duties as required to support the mission and contractual requirements.

General Requirements

  • Work will require lifting; stooping; climbing; prolonged standing; prolonged sitting; and working with or in areas where a potential could exist for exposure to the weather. Employee use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required in certain areas. Such PPE includes but is not limited to, head, foot, hand, torso, respiratory, vision and hearing protective devices.

  • Must comply with OSHA, EPA, Fire Regulations and published Company work rules.

  • Excellent written and oral communications skills; proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Excellent attention to detail.

  • Work well in a team environment and able to work with a diverse group of people.

  • Discretion and trustworthiness due to frequent contact with confidential material.

  • Communicate with co-workers, management, clients and all others in a courteous and professional manner.

  • Conform with and abide by all regulations, policies, work procedures, and instructions.

Education and Citizenship Requirements

  • Candidate must be a U.S. citizen and ideally have completed prerequisite training for Army Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 89D – Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist.

  • Required: High School Diploma or GED certificate.

  • Required: Valid Accident Avoidance Card (AAC). Ability to obtain and maintain Government CAC Card.

  • Required: Must have the ability to pass a Local Background check.

  • Required: US nationality/citizenship and residence, with verbal and written fluency in English.